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VW e-Golf: YouTuber checks battery destruction and variety of 8-year-old Volkswagen EV with 125,000 miles

A secondhand 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf was executed its speeds by an EV-focused YouTuber (Image: Out of Spec Reviews)

Even when it was new from the factory, the electrical Volkswagen Golf from the 2016 design year had a relatively modest EPA series of simply 80 miles per charge. As 2023 draws to an end, a widely known YouTuber shows how useful the nearly 8-year-old VW e-Golf is today with a significantly broken down EV battery.

It’s absolutely clear that electrical lorries lose a few of their battery capability with time, which is the factor for numerous chauffeurs to stay with their most likely longer-lasting internal combustion engines. How functional is a high-mileage EV, such as a nearly 8-year-old Volkswagen e-Golf?

Cars and truck lover and material developer Kyle Conner, who runs the popular Out of Spec YouTube channel, attempts to address this precise concern in 2 of his most current videos. The EV expert purchased himself a suspiciously low-cost 2016 VW e-Golf for $3,500, which is geared up with a little battery with a capability of 24 kWh, 21 kWh of which were initially functional. Throughout approximately 8 years, the electrical Volkswagen Golf collected about 125,000 miles and over 1,000 charging cycles.

After a rather complex manual computation of the staying battery capability, the YouTuber pertained to an outcome of around 14 kWh. This suggests that the Volkswagen EV has actually lost over 30 percent of its initial capability due to battery destruction. Appropriately, the e-Golf now has an optimal series of 40 miles, which can be adequate for some city chauffeurs who are mainly handling brief ranges. Thinking about the extremely low cost and quick charging time of 30 minutes, Conner does not be sorry for purchasing the VW e-Golf, despite the fact that the EV featured numerous other technical and mechanical concerns consisting of a damaged suspension.

For more information and impressions on the utilized 2016 VW e-Golf, we advise enjoying his extensive video which covers the purchase of the 8-year-old electrical cars and truck. The watch-worthy video revealing the real-world variety and battery destruction test is likewise ingrained listed below.

Out of Spec Reviews 1 & & 2

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