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WBC President Points Out How Their Institution’s Past Act Saved Ellis Zorro From Getting Severely Injured by Jai Opetaia’s Lethal KO

A devastating injury was avoided on the Day of Reckoning boxing occasion. On the undercard, the Ring cruiserweight champ, Jai Opetaia battled and beat Ellis Zorro by means of a sensational knockout. The battle did not last enough time and came to a stop after Opetaia landed a tidy hook on Zorro’s chin and knocked him out cold. It bears reference that Zorro passed out on his feet and will land head initially on the canvas, however didn’t. He was conserved at the last minute.

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Ellis Zorro’s head, rather of striking the ground, hit the 4th boxing rope, avoiding him from suffering any significant injury. Post the battle, the WBC president took credit for having the boxing rope in the top place. You may question, how does he enter the image? Well, let’s discover that out.

The credit goes to WBC


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After the contest, the knockout went viral. This likewise captured the attention of none aside from the president of the World Boxing Council, Mauricio Sulaiman. After experiencing the knockout, he could not assist however assert the reality that Zorro was conserved by the 4th rope on the border of the ring. He exposed that the organization of the 4th rope to the ring was an unique concept and included that the WBC took the effort to have 4 ropes rather of 3.

While mentioning that this effort has actually conserved lives, he stated, “Thank God for the 4th rope. It has actually conserved lots of lives considering that its organization by the @WBCBoxing What a fantastic Ko win by cruiserweight feeling.”


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Sulaiman does make some legitimate points. This development carried out by the WBC was the requirement of the hour as a preventive action and avoided injuries. In addition, the WBC did not simply execute a 4th rope however likewise made modifications to it.

What distinguishes the 4th rope?

In a later Tweet on X, the WBC exposed on their main Twitter manage that they intentionally made the 4th rope less tight so that fighters, if they fall on it, capitulate in it without additional hurting themselves.

In the past, the lower rope was tighter and, whenever there were knockdowns or knockouts, fighters would get badly hurt by striking the back of their necks with it.

The WBC executed a 4th rope to have the most affordable one loose and still avoid fighters to go off the ring.

— World Boxing Council (@WBCBoxing) December 23, 2023


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Reviewing the very same, the WBC specified, “In the past, the lower rope was tighter and, whenever there were knockdowns or knockouts,

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