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WHAT THE CAR? reveals fascinating crossover occasion with Sassy Sasquatch


  • Cooperation occasion with RAC7’s Sneaky Sasquatch
  • 12 levels particularly created for the occasion
  • New stealth mechanics and a level developer

Triband has simply revealed an eccentric partnership occasion for their popular mobile video game WHAT THE CAR?, which will be coordinating with RAC7’s precious video game, Sneaky Sasquatch. This is an enjoyable occasion that’s sure to thrill fans of both video games. It’s currently been promoted as the prettiest crossover occasion of the century, which is easy to understand provided all the appeal and humour Sneaky Sasquatch will give the DICE Mobile Game of the Year.

Releasing today on Apple Arcade as a totally free upgrade, WHAT THE CAR?’s collab will present gamers to an entire brand-new world filled with surprises. Motivated by Sneaky Sasquatch, the upgrade functions 12 handcrafted phases where you can check out, slip, drive, fish, bike, and ski. Plus, there are brand-new Sneaky Sasquatch-inspired tunes to accompany your experiences, including an additional layer of beauty to the experience.

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Among the most interesting elements of the spot is the addition of brand-new stealth mechanics, enabling you to get additional tricky as you browse through the brand-new levels. When everybody’s precious Sasquatch and everybody’s preferred cars and truck with legs sign up with hands, you’re bound to have an unforgettable experience. The enjoyable does not stop there. You’ll likewise have the chance to produce your own sneaky-inspired levels that can be shown others in the neighborhood.

If you have not become aware of Sneaky Sasquatch in the past, the video game was initially launched in 2019 as a launch title for Apple Arcade. Ever since, it has actually stayed a staple in the platform’s lineup, thanks to its captivating gameplay and routine updates. The video game has actually continued to grow for many years, with significant narrative growths and unique video game systems keeping gamers engaged and captivated. It was likewise granted Apple Arcade Game of the Year in 2020.

Take advantage of the WHAT THE CAR? x Sassy Sasquatch crossover occasion by downloading the video game by clicking the link listed below. A continuous Apple Arcade membership is needed to play.

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