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Whatever You Need to Know About Gel Curing Your Press-On Nails

No charm classification has actually gone through rather as legendary of a rebrand as press-on nails. In the early aughts, they had a credibility of being low-cost and childish, with really couple of stylish style alternatives. Quick forward to today, and they’ve ended up being the favored hair salon option for a fast and simple, on-trend manicure. Celebs even use them on the red carpet. This brand-new interest in press-ons has actually seen numerous brand names bring out their own variations, and on TikTok, #pressonnails has more than 3.5 billion views. One TikTok nail video, in specific, went viral just recently for recommending a brand-new application approach: gel treating.

Conventional application approaches for press-ons consist of glue tabs and nail glue, however @sagittariusicedlatte shared a video on May 24, 2023 advising that individuals attempt to gel treatment press-on nails to make them last longer. “If there’s any genuine suggestions I can provide to anyone worldwide, it is this: purchase low-cost press-on nails– do not glue them, gel treatment them,” she states in the video.

Because publishing, the 13-second clip has actually gotten million views and countless concerns from individuals asking how precisely it works. We’re simplifying for you listed below: we’ve assembled all of the items you require to attempt it, a few of which are on sale on Amazon.

Ahead, find out more about gel treating, the items you require to do it, and the prospective dangers.


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♬ initial noise – chelsea gerbeshi What Is Gel Curing?

For the unknown, gel treating is a kind of nail application that includes utilizing soft gel and an LED or UV light. The technique is typically utilized with Aprés Nail gel-X extensions, however it can be made use of in other methods.

“Gel treating methods using a soft gel and treating it under an LED or UV light,” Eunice Park, manicurist and research study and advancement supervisor at Aprés Nail, informs POPSUGAR. “What she did was use a gel onto the underside of the pointer where you would usually use glue, use it to the nail, and hold it under an LED or UV light for 30 to 60 seconds.”

The factor for doing this? It’s more safe. “Builder gels have a more powerful grip than your typical nail glue and enable a much better soak-off elimination,” states Corey Weber, owner and developer of TheNailBox.Inc.

How to Gel Cure Press-On Nails

With the right tools, you can treat your press-on nails in the house. Some products you’ll require are a home builder gel like the Beetles Gel Nail Polish Builder Gel ($10), an LED or UV light like the Beetles Mini Nail LED Lamp ($13), and the press-ons of your option. Not all press-on nails might work. “You need to make certain the press-on is large enough for the treating light to travel through,” Park states.

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