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What’s one keepsake you avoided your time at MIT?

Alumni leave MIT equipped with understanding and a great deal of memories. Throughout Tech Reunions in 2023, the MIT Alumni Association asked returning alums what else they had actually kept because leaving school. Here are simply a few of their reactions.

Diane Marie McKnight ’75, SM ’78, PhD ’79, kept a bronze oarlock utilized for protecting an oar on a boat. “I sand-casted it myself as part of my last class in mechanical engineering, and I discovered how to utilize a lathe,” she stated.

Amy (Schonsheck) Simpkins ’03 got her Institute memento early– a “inexpensive hoodie sweatshirt that was on unique at the Coop the very first week of my freshman year.” She still uses it nearly every day.

Alan Paul Lehotsky ’73 stated that in addition to his brass rat, he still has the Groucho glasses he used to graduation. He confessed that the mustache has actually not held up effectively.

Elliot Owen ’18, SM ’20, still has the precision-machined aluminum flexures that he utilized for his graduate research study. “It is simple to develop structures with a low tightness in the instructions of travel and high tightness in all other instructions,” he stated. “I keep them on my bookshelf and reveal them off when I have individuals over. Many people are extremely shocked to see a strong piece of metal flex and move so quickly and without friction.”

Walt Gibbons ’73, SM ’75, had the most popular action, offered by 22 of the 69 alums spoke with. He called his MIT brass rat.

Jeanne Yu ’13 stated, “The something I avoided MIT was my sense of strength.”

Have a look at the current MIT alumni video about physical items graduates have actually kept– and why they kept them– at bit.ly/ MITMemento.

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