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Where is Senna from in League of Legends?

Wondering where Senna is from in League of Legends? This is the ideal location to learn the response about the Redeemer.

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Where is Senna from in League of Legends?

According to the League of Legends tradition, Senna was born upon a little island off the coast of Demacia. Throughout her early years, she tried to check out a shipwreck however as she was doing so, the Black Mist attempted to trap her in. Fortunately, she and the rest of her town were conserved from a Sentinel of Light called Urias however the Mist continued to haunt Senna. As an outcome, Urias trained Senna so that she might resist whenever the Black Mist discovered her.

Although Senna is technically not a Demacian, she has deep ties with the area. Not just due to the fact that of her distance however likewise due to her history with Lucian, who occurred to be Urias’ boy. While the father was killed by wraiths that had actually followed Senna, she trained Lucian to end up being a Sentinel, and fell in love throughout that procedure.

The 2 wound up battling Thresh, the Chain Warden, with the hopes of assisting Senna eliminate her curse. Throughout that battle, Senna wound up taking Thresh’s hook to conserve Lucian, trapping her soul into the lantern. Ever since, Lucian invested years searching for methods to release her enthusiast.

With that in mind, we can state that Senna does not come from any of the primary areas and factions within the League of Legends universe. She can’t actually be thought about a Demacian however is greatly associated both with the kingdom in addition to the Shadow Isles due to the mist that has actually been haunting her for practically her whole life.

As Lucian drove his handgun into Thresh’s lantern, Senna left, shrouded in death and wielding a cannon made from other Sentinels’ relic weapons. She utilized it to secure Lucian from Thresh’s attack and then she sent out Thresh flying, right away later on the souls of the lantern were starting to be soaked up once again and she started to drag Senna. Lucian handled to rapidly reach her to hug her to prevent the flashlight would absorb it once again.

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