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Where to discover a Medusa Head in Dragon’s Dogma 2

All set for a rematch versus Medusa? The terrifying beast is your very first battle in Dragon’s Dogma 2however in the future, you’ll have the possibility to take her head.

Really, I state “her,” however Medusa isn’t one beast. Or rather, she exists in one area (that I’ve discovered), and will respawn with time. That’s a good idea too, due to the fact that you require to be mindful to eliminate her head throughout the battle. Depending upon your care, you might wind up with a withered head or a maintained one.

Screenshot by Destructoid Where is Medusa in Dragon’s Dogma 2

While you battle Medusa in the intro of Dragon’s Dogma 2that isn’t where you get her head. Rather, you discover her in southwest Battahl. There’s a woody location, the Wyrmsblood Forest, which you can see even through an unrevealed map. You’re trying to find a huge spot of green at the bottom edge of the desert.

As you approach the location (take care not to explode the one bridge that causes it), you’ll begin satisfying individuals who attempt to alert you away with stories of a beast that turns individuals to stone. If you take a look at the map, you’ll see the course slither up the mountainside, however you’re not really going all the method up. There’s a course that divides off near the bottom. It’s surrounded by stone individuals and animals, however it’s simple to miss out on.

The course will take you to Nera’Battahl Windrift, a set of ruins constructed into the mountain. You do not need to look far nevertheless, as Medusa is basically the only thing of interest in these ruins. You’ll more than likely discover her wriggling around the spacious space with her look casting a pinkish-red light as she scans the darkness.

Screenshot by Destructoid How to beat Medusa

Medusa is barely the most tough battle in Dragon’s Dogma 2I had the ability to fall her with little resistance at level 45 and I was pulling my punches, as we’ll talk about soon. The main point you require to look out for is her well-known petrifying look. Throughout the battle, she’ll start taking a look around with her radiant eyes, and you just require to avoid of the light.

If the light hits you, nevertheless, it isn’t instantly video game over. Stone will start to form over your character, and you have an affordable quantity of time to hide. As soon as you’re out from her look, the stone declines and you can advance as you were. I invested the battle cring behind a pillar, lobbing magic at her. Mentioning which, she’s weak to lightning.

Screenshot by Destructoid How to acquire Medusa’s head in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Beyond just beating Medusa, we require her head. Intuitively, you need to go for her head to get it. You can even do it as a varied fighter,

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