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Who Makes EGO Power Tools And Are They Any Good?

Thus much of the items we count on everyday, it looks like enormous international corporations own whatever. This could not be more real in the power tool market, with many noteworthy brand names falling under the exact same roofing. It might or might not amaze you to find out that what numerous think about top-tier tool brand names like DeWalt are in fact owned by another tool brand name– Stanley Black & & Decker, which likewise takes place to own Craftsman and Lenox tools.

The business that owns Skil and Skilsaw likewise owns one of the outside power tool brand names that’s been getting in appeal over the last years– Ego power tools. It would be tough to persuade anybody who has actually even done a very little quantity of landscaping work that electrical power tools can match the performance of gas, that’s precisely what Ego has actually set out to show.

Generally understood for their developments in lithium battery innovation with their Arc Lithium 56V, the concern of whether Ego Power tools are any great is most likely at the leading edge for anybody who has actually strolled by a display screen at Ace Hardware or Lowes. Like other tool brand names, the response to the concern will mainly boil down to which tool you’re aiming to buy and what your landscaping requirements are.

Who makes Ego power tools?

Chervon, not to be puzzled with the international energy corporation Chevron, owns Ego power tools. Chervon is a power tool business developed in Nanjing, China. Chervon was developed in 1993, with Chervon Power Tools being established in 1994. The business likewise owns other popular tool brand names like FLEX and Skil/Skilsaw. Unlike those brand names– which were obtained from German and American business– Ego is entirely owned by Chervon and functions as the business’s primary outside power tool brand name marketed towards North America, Europe, and Australia.

Ego was formally released in the United States in 2012, presenting its line of electrical power tools to Americans for the very first time. 2 years later on, in 2014, the Ego brand name would broaden to Europe. Today, Ego tools can be discovered in significant merchants, consisting of Lowes, Ace, and Walmart, with it having an existence in over 2,500 authorized European dealerships. It’s best understood for its line of lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and trimmers.

In regards to production, Chervon began establishing production abilities in 1999 and runs 2 robot-equipped clever factories out of China, leading to numerous Ego tools being made in China. Today, the Ego brand name produces over 10 million tools each year and can be discovered in 65 nations worldwide.

Ego power tools Arc Lithium 56V batteries have a distinct style

Much of what Ego promotes as a competitive benefit for its tools depends on its Arc Lithium 56V battery. It’s likewise the center of a business social duty project led by Ego called Challenge 2025, which intends to make battery-powered outside devices the primary source of power throughout the market, passing up the requirement for fuel or gas.

Ego Arc Lithium 56V batteries promote a couple of benefits over other standard batteries utilized in outside power devices,

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