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Why You Need a Business Contingency Plan Now

Released: Dec 25, 2023 by Small Business Radio Show In Small Business News 0

For leisure, I check out apocalyptic fiction books. I am uncertain why however possibly it’s the “prepper” in me. The present series I am reading states “No strategy endures contact with the opponent.” This traditionally originates from the German field marshal, referred to as Moltke the Elder, who thought in establishing a series of alternatives for fight rather of a single strategy was important. He stated, “No strategy of operations extends with certainty beyond the very first encounter with the opponent’s primary strength.”

In a small company, what occurs when Plan A does not exercise? What occurs if you do not have a contingency for Plan B, C, or D?

On The Small Business Radio Show today, I discussed this with Mary Beth Simon who guides entrepreneur to develop contingency strategies that prepare them and their groups for prolonged trips or the unforeseen so business can continue to run effectively in their lack. She established Niche Partnership Consulting after seeing the chaos that an absence of contingency preparation triggered when a dear pal industrialized terminal cancer. Mary Beth is a nationwide conference speaker, a constant student, and likes assisting company owner discover assurance because retiring from a 30 year profession at Vanguard.

Here is what we went over:

  1. Just what is a contingency strategy?
  2. Why operate owners require a contingency strategy and what can take place if they do not have one all set?
  3. What holds individuals back from getting ready for the unanticipated and establishing a contingency strategy?
  4. Is it possible for contingency strategies to alter the method individuals believe and run their organization?
  5. What are the initial steps a company owner can take now to start developing their own contingency strategies in their service and their life?

Listen to the whole episode with Mary Beth on The Small Business Radio Show.

Image: Mary Beth Simón

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