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Wild Memphis: how a brand-new paddle-powered trip sees the musical city in a brand-new light

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“Paddle!” comes the rallying call from the back of our canoe, as a flash of lightning fills the sky with its electrical tendrils. “We require to leave the water, quickly,” captain Matthew Burdine includes rapidly, raising his voice over an almighty crash of thunder that rumbles like a starving giant’s stomach.

The environment has actually changed at an excessive speed. Simply minutes before the storm clouds blew onto the horizon, we ‘d been drifting along at the very same speed as the driftwood, lulled by the balanced lapping of the water versus our oars and indulging in the hazy late summertime sunlight. Now, racing to the sandy coast and rushing for shelter, we’ve been dealt a crucial lesson by the magnificent Mississippi, the 2,350-mile-long waterway that streams from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico: Mother Nature supervises here, and it’s a fool who forgets that.

Luck is on my side. Yes, I’m about to be stranded on a deserted island, however I’m with a group of survival specialists. My two-day journey with the Mississippi River Expeditions group began previously that early morning at Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park, a patchwork of swamps, thick forest and sandy coasts in southwest Tennessee. We ‘d heaved our cruising canoe throughout the beach to introduce it into the muddy waters of the Mississippi, intending the bow towards the twinkly city of Memphis 20 miles downstream.

I ‘d invested the previous couple of days absorbing the buzzy city’s vibrant sights, paying my aspects at Elvis’s previous home, Graceland, and dining at the Beauty Shop. The latter is a new-wave Southern dining establishment serving spiced chicken wings topped with crumbly blue cheese, embeded in a previous beauty parlor where Priscilla Presley, Elvis’s ex-wife, as soon as had her beehive modified. Now, I’ve pertained to experience the wilderness on Memphis’s doorstep– that, up previously, couple of have actually had the ability to gain access to.

Born in the Mississippi Delta, Captain Matthew established Mississippi River Expeditions after switching his Wall Street profession for a life on the water leading wilderness journeys. “I chose to leave the business world and begin to listen to my heart, rather of my head,” he ‘d informed me. “I resided in the wilds for 5 years and understood I was produced this daring way of life.”

Joining me and Matthew is passionate river guide Daniel Bonds, who discovered his craft in the Boy Scouts, and John Ruskey, owner of sibling clothing Quapaw Canoe Company. With shoulder-length white hair, he’s a modern-day Huck Finn who’s been browsing the Great River’s watery blood vessels for years.

Daniel Bonds (ideal) is a guide with Mississippi River Expeditions and John Ruskey (left) is owner of a sibling business Quapaw Canoe Company.

Picture by John Davidson

Now that we’re all back on land, our toes squelching in the mud, we differ our initial strategy of sleeping nearer to Memphis,

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