Tuesday, March 5

WIRED’s 11 Noteworthy Long-form Stories of 2023

Personally, I believe you need to invest your holiday reading all of WIRED’s standout functions. Start here, work backwards. Have a good time!

Fine, if you firmly insist on investing some of that time with household or buddies, we’ve likewise come up with 11 choices for more concentrated perusal. Not always the very best or most popular stories– as editors, we can’t select favorites amongst all our valuable kids– however a collection that records the wild series of life and weirdness on this world in 2023. There’s AI, naturally, and TikTok. Software and hardware. Stories that take you inside the greatest hacks of current history, and individual missions to verify household tradition. Stories are very important. We need to think that, or we would not be here. And we’ll be here once again next year, with a lot more stories to share.

  • Picture: Holly Andres

    The Battle for the Soul of Buy Nothing

    Vauhini Vara narrates how an optimistic neighborhood of individuals exchanging totally free things on Facebook came down into mayhem.

  • Illustration: Basile Fournier

    I Saw the Face of God in a Semiconductor Factory

    A six-chapter travelog that makes a surprising case for the eminence, sublimity, and worldwide midpoint of a single business– TSMC– by among the best living authors of English prose.

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