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WTF is low-cost reach?

By Tim Peterson – March 18, 2024 – 1 minutes checked out –

Ivy Liu

This short article is a WTF explainer, in which we break down media and marketing’s most complicated terms. More from the series →

“Cheap” and “reach” are normally preferred terms amongst marketers. Taken together, they spell the next prospective target for the digital advertisement market to weed out.

“Cheap reach” describes a subset of digital advertisement stock that might be frequently ignored– actually– and might be a needed brand-new taxonomy to avoid genuine publishers from getting captured up in the crackdown on made-for-advertising websites. In the video listed below, Digiday media editor Kayleigh Barber assists to break down what low-cost reach is, why this stock classification was developed and why marketers are not yet rushing to excise it from their advertisement purchases.

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