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“Y’ all Going to Pay Like Jay-Z”: Bill Haney Warns Bernard Hopkins, Floyd Mayweather, and Ryan Garcia in the Shadow of Shoulder Roll

The very first of the two-city press conferences to kick off the Ryan Garcia– Devin Haney battle concluded at some point back. The duo will punch it out on April 20 at New York’s Barclays Center for the WBC light welterweight title, presently held by Haney. The meet-up didn’t dissatisfy those searching for an intense exchange. Then the occasion likewise held up to minutes of pleasure. Relatively, Garcia and Bernard Hopkins covered things up amongst themselves.

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Costs Haney existed at the website. As typical, he had actually accompanied his kid through the entire presser. Later on, he made a long time to provide a parting shot for Team Garcia. He cautioned ‘KingRy’ about the tempest he will deal with. In parallel, Haney Senior didn’t flinch from taking a dig at the new-found bonhomie in between the latter and ‘B-Hop’ either.

The restored relationship in between Ryan Garcia and Bernard Hopkins under analysis


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Firing a salvo, Devin Haney’s dad prompted Bernard Hopkins to teach the young apprentice ‘shoulder roll’. He stated,”You understand, unique uh takeaway shot to Bernard and … Ryan however I’m grateful they comprised, so take him … Bernard and reveal him that shoulder roll.”By the way, if fans may keep in mind, Garcia utilized the strategy briefly throughout the battle with Oscar Duarte on December 2. It’s a various matter, though it came under criticism from a number of corners.

Including Floyd Mayweather Jr., he estimated a well-known line from legend Jay-Z. For whatever effort they put in, it isn’t going to be their day on April 20. Costs Haney stated, “Bernard Floyd Ryan, all y’ all get together ain’t none of that sh * t going to assist on 4/20; it’s lit and everyone’s in it, and y’ all going to spend for all the sh * t like Jay-Z states, ‘from all them years that you hold us’ yeah, you going to pay 4/20 is smoke, and we ain’t slowing down.”


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Previously, Bill Haney meant the indications of things to come. He called out Ryan Garcia straight.

Wake-Up Call ‘KingRy’: Bill Haney

Exhorting the young fighter to reassess if the pressure to combat Devin Haney was excessive for him, he stated.”This is a message to Ryan: if it gets too difficult, take a knee. It’s just 30 minutes– 36 minutes of pounding. Obviously, it’s much easier for me to state cuz you the one that got to take it. You talked all the sh * t that you talked, and now you got to spend for it.


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Later On, Haney Senior shared his gratitude for Oscar De La Hoya. Especially, he appears impressed by the latter’s function in getting the battle back on track.

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