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Y2K Mania: When People Thought the World Was Going to End

HBO documentary Time Bomb Y2K reviews Y2K hysteria, consisting of survivalists purchasing weapons, Matt Damon fretting about our nukes, and the Backstreet Boys

There was really a time when we didn’t require social networks to attract mass hysteria, and the brand-new HBO documentary Time Bomb Y2K is all set and getting ready to take us back there. This wonderfully modified dash through pre-millennial stress and anxieties is a time pill of archive video– no storyteller, no talking heads, no brand-new interviews– from the years and days leading up the year 2000 that had millions stressing a computer system problem might cause federal government takeover, nuclear disaster, felines and pets playing together, and any other type of trouble you may think of. Folks were terrified. And worry has actually hardly ever been so amusing.

A few of the names and faces you may keep in mind. Like Peter de Jager, the bearded computer system engineer who enhanced apparently every talk program on earth to describe why we must all be fretted (however that we would most likely be okay if we followed his guidance). A lot of them never ever disappeared. A fresh-faced Matt Damon hopes the nukes are effectively locked down. Busta Rhymes isn’t stating anything will occur, however if something does occur, we should not be shocked. Expense Clinton and Al Gore are pumped for the spread of high-speed web, as are Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and some child called Jeff Bezos. Both Rudy Giuliani and the Backstreet Boys are prepared for anything. And Militia of Montana creator John Trochmann states they’re coming for your weapons. Due to the fact that of course.

Directors Brian Becker and Marley McDonald (the latter of whom likewise modified in addition to Maya Mumma) keep everything humming along, beginning in 1996 and ending up in the early days of 2000, when we understood whatever would be okay, a minimum of on the computer-glitch front. On New Years Eve 1999, genuine news was unfolding. That was the day Boris Yeltsin revealed his resignation as President of the Russian Federation. His follower? Some guy called Putin. And here we were, stressed over how a number of numbers might trigger turmoil in worldwide computer system systems.

Time Bomb Y2K acts as a pointer that opportunism requires little motivation to blast through the roofing system. We check out a “readiness exposition,” where weapons, knives, camouflage, and other survivalist items were offering like there was no tomorrow. Weapon sales were sizzling in the days leading up to Y2K, as industrious residents prepared beforehand to fulfill the risk of violence with … the hazard of violence. Fundamentalist Christian broadcasters were on fire, too. One alerts that “definitely Satan might benefit from such a scenario.” Who would ever desire to do that?

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The movie isn’t all hucksters, all the time. It’s likewise a vibrant flashback to the heady days of the early web, when the concept of e-mail for everybody was really astonishing.

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