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Ya Boy Kongming! Collection Film Showcased in Debut Trailer

Ya Boy Kongming! Collection Film Showcased in Debut Trailer

by Joseph Luster
December 22, 2023

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Last month saw the statement of a collection movie for the Ya Boy Kongming! anime, based upon the manga by Yuto Yotsuba and Ryo Ogawa. Ya Boy Kongming! Roadway to Summer Sonia is set to premiere in Japanese movie theaters on March 1, 2024, and the very first trailer is here to provide a sneak peek.

There’s likewise a brand-new visual:

HIDIVE streamed theYa Boy Kongming!anime as it aired and Kodansha USA releases the manga digitally, with the previous explaining it thus:

In the year 234, a passing away Zhuge Kongming’s ideas roam over his life as one of China’s biggest military strategists and statesmen, questioning what may have been had he been born in less rough times. Inexplicably, Kongming discovers himself in a more youthful body in a really odd land! Why has a master of feudal diplomacy and the art of war been brought to contemporary Japan? He appears overqualified for turning hamburgers, however then fate employs the entrancing voice of hopeful vocalist Eiko Tsukimi. Knowing of her difficulties in ending up being an expert, Kongming’s mission is protected: using his powerful craft, intelligence, and bag of ancient Chinese tricks to the job of making Eiko a star! Pity now the executives of the Japanese music market, for they are however simple males, and they deal with the advertising attack of a legend born-again: YA BOY KONGMING!

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