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You Should Add a Raw Egg to Your Grits

Comparable to the rice in tamago kake gohan, the hot grits carefully “prepare” the egg, turning the slippery white and runny yolk into a velvety, emulsifying sauce.

Credit: Claire Lower

I am a well-documented maker and eater of grits, and have actually run the range of preparations, from the most affordable of low-brow to really homemade. I’ve made ridiculous grits from Smartfood popcorn, and I’ve gone as DIY as you can without growing the corn myself, consisting of changing corn into hominy through a procedure called “nixtamalization.” You can trust my viewpoint on the hot, corn-based porridge, and it is my viewpoint that you would stir an entire, raw egg into your next bowl.

Comparable to tamago kake gohan, a Japanese breakfast meal including hot rice, a raw egg, and some soy sauce and other spices, the hot grits carefully “prepare” the egg, turning the slippery white and runny yolk into a velvety, emulsifying sauce. It does not taste like egg, not actually, however it makes the grits taste richer, with a more cohesive, rib-sticking texture. It’s likewise a simple method to slip a little bit more protein in there– 6 grams per egg– and I’ve discovered it enhances the cheesiness of cheese grits, without including any additional dairy.

There’s no requirement to temper the egg

Eggs are in some cases utilized to thicken soups like avgolemono, a chicken and rice soup seasoned with lemon and dill. It’s thick and smooth, however the egg needs to be presented carefully, to keep it from rushing when it strikes the hot liquid. Simply as with tamago kake gohan, you do not require to fret about all that. Eliminate the grits from the burner, and the temperature will drop simply enough. The egg will lose its raw, gooey qualities, without taking up into curds. Simply prepare your grits according to the plan directions (or according to my fancy dish), pull them off the burner, and split an egg right in the pot, stirring quickly till it is entirely blended in, and no goopy white remains. Season with salt and pepper, and surface with an additional egg yolk, due to the fact that you should have a little ordinary decadence.

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