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Zoey Handley’s Top 10 Picks of 2023

Here’s a number for you: this year, I evaluated 69 video games for Destructoid. Great. It wasn’t deliberate, however it practically was. I believed I was at 68, so I was attempting to determine how to fit another in. It turns out that OpenCritic is missing out on one, and poorer for it.

What are we here for?. My preferred video games this year, in no specific order.

It is constantly difficult for me to put year-end lists together due to the fact that I can hardly remember what I played last month. That’s it. There’s no “however” to that declaration. Okay, roll the, uh … post.

Screenshot by Destructoid 24 Killers

While the advancement group just remained together for 3 video games, and none left Japan, Love-de-Lic’s output is famous. Beginning with Moon: Remix RPG Adventurethey crafted a series of genre-defying video games that were unusual and whimsical. They continue to influence designers to this day, and 24 Killers is one such outcome.

24 Killers shares a lot in typical with Moon: RPG Remix Adventure in regards to puzzle style and focus, however it informs its own story and a various method to gameplay. Its biggest success is how carefully it imitates Love-de-Lic’s design, which does not appear simple to do. It’s pitch-perfect, striking all the low and high of MoonThat likewise implies it’s not for everybody, however I understand it’s for some individuals. It’s a video game that is really much for me.

Screenshot by Destructoid Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer

If I needed to choose a single video game for my Game of the Year, it would be Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengeance of the SlayerI’m not going to do that since that’s lame. Still, this was most likely my preferred video game of 2023.

It’s not even always the video game. Slayers X seems like a mod for Duke Nukem 3D from the ’90s, and it replicates that completely, right to the amateur-ness of the whole production. Sort of like 2015’s The Beginner’s Guide Less dismal. It is framed as having actually been built by cringy teen from Hypnospace Outlaw, Zane Lofton. Zane is totally imaginary, however in spite of that, the depth of the indirect character expedition in Slayers Xhe feels quite genuine.

It’s dazzling. It’s entirely on the mark. It’s astonishing. As somebody who– if you can think this– was as soon as a teen, I got in touch with this completely.

Screenshot by Destructoid El Paso, Elsewhere

Mentioning Hypnospace OutlawXalavier Nelson Jr. dealt with that video game, and now he’s on this list with El Paso, Elsewhere El Paso, Elsewhere and Slayers X have a lot in typical in the reality that it’s the storytelling and not the video game itself the makes it so reliable.

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