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11 Surreal Moments From O.J. Simpson’s Reality-TV Show, Juiced

This post was initially released on June 17, 2016. On April 10, 2024, O.J. Simpson passed away

As the 5th installation of O.J.: Made in America advised us, O.J. Simpson shot a truth tv reveal back in 2006, called Juiced(You might keep in mind a This American Life episode about it, and an essay in Vice composed by the “Kato” of the program, Harmon Leon.) Seemingly it’s a hidden-camera trick program in the design of Punk ‘d with O.J. Simpson as the prankmaster general. It was expected to be his huge resurgence car made throughout a time when truth tv was the Wild West. In it O.J. plays himself, in some cases he plays a variation of himself, and more hardly ever, he plays a character. The tricks are typically so ill-conceived that when O.J. says the program’s punch line, “You’ve been juiced!” it’s uncertain, what, in truth, has actually simply taken place.

Juiced is closer to an anthropological artifact than it is a meaningful television program– a sizzle reel turned fever dream. And it’s troubling due to the fact that it is, with no certification, a gross, sexist, and racist program made even more surreal due to the fact that O.J. Simpson is a ready individual. Take a video at the end (envisioned above) where O.J. Simpson raps “Get Juiced” dressed up as a pimp surrounded by half-naked females. The interstitial clips are series of near-naked or partially nude ladies touching themselves to a soft-core soundtrack. In some cases O.J. is with them, in some cases he’s not. Often he’s accompanied by a little individual. This is simply among the unusual, disorienting minutes from a program that is sophomoric in its perceptiveness and half-baked in its execution. Here are 10 other circumstances:

A homeless O.J. offers bags of oranges for $2.

Something you need to comprehend about these bits is that they can last a minute long at best, without any tag line. In this one, you simply see O.J., obviously homeless, offering oranges. He does not even get to utter his punch line, “You’ve been juiced!” since individuals are attempting to escape him. Possibly among the overwelming impacts of this image is that there is something inexorably pitiful about it, as though it were a precursor of what’s to come.

O.J. pretends to cuckold this guy.

This clip is called “Scandalous” and the set-up is that there is a truth program where a private investigator assists this guy capture his sweetheart in flagrante. In this case, his sweetheart is apparently cheating on him with O.J. Simpson. Throughout the clip, the male does not pay attention to this reality (and mainly requires his sweetheart come out of the motel restroom where she’s locked herself in). This is the minute he comprehends what’s occurring.

Here’s O.J. as an old white male (or the clown from It.

This is O.J.

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