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  • Thunder Terminal’s hacker has actually declared that the platform is lying to its users that their funds are safe
  • Thunder Terminal confessed that it was made use of and lost almost $250,000 of user funds
  • The platform stated that “funds are safe moving forward”

On-chain crypto exchange Thunder Terminal and its hacker are having a standoff quickly after the assailant took almost $250,000 from the platform. The exchange revealed that they handled to stop the attack in less than 9 minutes and users’ “funds are safe moving forward.” The hacker has actually nevertheless disagreed with the platform’s declaration stating that it’s “all lies” stating that he has access to user information, even more blurring the line on who is informing the fact.

Hacker Threatens to Delete All User Data

According to Thunder Terminal, the harmful star accessed to user funds and information after accessing information on MongoDB, a third-party database company. The exchange kept in mind suspicious withdrawals 9 minutes into the make use of and withdrawed “all type of access to deal finalizing.”

< blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><> < p lang="en" dir="ltr">> Incident Report<< br><> < br>> At 12:11:47 AM UTC, suspicious withdrawals began getting sent out through Thunder wallets. << br><> < br>> A destructive star got access to a MongoDB connection URL which they utilized to pull session tokens and perform withdrawals on behalf of users.<< br><> < br>> At 12:20:35 AM UTC, the last …< Thunder (@ThunderTerminal) << a href="https://twitter.com/ThunderTerminal/status/1739843737860374845?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">> December 27, 2023< < script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8 ″><>

The platform likewise kept in mind that the opponent might have accessed information from the MongoDB security breach that took place 8 days back. The exchange revealed that it will repay afflicted users, work out with the hacker and that properties and information are safe, the hacker holds that they’re in ownership of “all user information” and over $110,000 in ETH.

The hacker has actually threatened to erase the information if Thunder Terminal does not accept his needs. Blockchain information reveals that the assailant has actually moved $190,000 in ETH to deal anonymizing platform Railgun.

FBI Involvement to Follow?

Thunder Terminal revealed that they’re open to settlements with the hacker or including police like the FBI if the enemy isn’t prepared to return the funds.

The exchange is presently working to allow 2FA authentication for withdrawals, improving its security and carrying out a complete technical audit, with hopes of bring back access to the platform “as quickly as possible.”

The standoff comes a couple of weeks after the KyberSwap hacker required that the Kyber business give up the business’s control to him in exchange for the taken funds.

With the hacker moving funds to Railgun, it’s most likely that they aren’t preparing to return the funds even for a bounty.

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