Tuesday, June 25

Aaron Rupar Catches Donald Trump Saying Andrew Cuomo Is the Current Governor of New York

Previously this month, independent reporter Aaron Rupar offered reasonable caution that he’s “going to have no f *** s to provide this election cycle” due to the fact that it’s a choice in between democracy and authoritarianism. What was that expected to imply? That he was going to keep publishing out-of-context video? How is this any various?

The Biden-Harris project put out a declaration Monday calling Trump “weak, baffled, and worn out.” Rupar states that Trump is so baffled that he believes Andrew Cuomo is the present guv of New York, despite the fact that the clip he published never ever points out the name Cuomo.

did Trump simply declare Andrew Cuomo is the present guv of New York? pic.twitter.com/XrJsMKIToQ

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 25, 2024

this is not simply a slip– Trump declares consistently in this clip that Andrew Cuomo is the “present guv” of New York https://t.co/ltiGDot0j8

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 25, 2024

James ran versus Hochul, the present guv. You’re so dumb lol

— johnny maga (@_johnnymaga) March 25, 2024

You’re a moron pic.twitter.com/2Q5GdwnOth

— Sara Rose (@saras76) March 25, 2024

Letitia James ran for Governor versus the existing guv, Kathy Hochul pic.twitter.com/7sfnCG6Xol

— KK Berd (@keny_berd) March 25, 2024


— TomTom (@xmlfancier) March 25, 2024

Reality Checking:

He was speaking about Letitia James’ stopped working run for guv versus Kathy Hochul.

Letitia James had actually challenged Kathy Hochul in the Dem main in 2021, however left quickly after that when her candidateship stopped working to draw attention/support.

Deceptive post.

— Ashley Marshall (@AshhleyMarshall) March 25, 2024

The White House gets assistance from Rupar, who is too dumb to understand Trump is speaking about existing NY guv Kathy Hochul https://t.co/roZnQWXQaW

— Chuck Ross (@ChuckRossDC) March 25, 2024

I dislike him
I do not hear him discuss Cuomo
What am I missing out on?

— Coggin La’Machinere’☮ ✌ (@PeterRe76376898) March 25, 2024 Recommended

Did I miss out on a clip? He indirectly describes Cuomo, however I didn’t hear him state his name. Exists another clip?

— Jeff – United States ex-pat in Lisbon (@PEMdocResists) March 25, 2024

Erase brother.

— Louisa May A (@KAW12741) March 25, 2024

Why do you guys do this? Simply adhere to the realities and explain his indisputable defects when they emerge: https://t.co/Y08yzivXlm

— Michael E. McMahon (@mcmahon_esq) March 25, 2024

Rupar doing his Rupar schtick.

— Your Foundation (@Java7Law) March 25, 2024

I see why you are now a respected White House expert.

— Sue (@SusanK1717) March 25, 2024

Did you simply Rupar yourself?

— Michele (@GoldenNoel) March 25, 2024

Where’s the part of the clip where Trump points out consistently that Cuomo is the present guv of New York?

The method is to present Trump as a senior male with a bad memory?

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