Monday, May 20

Absolutely nothing to See Here, Just a GOP Politician Leaving a Loaded 9-mm Glock in the Bathroom of the Colorado State Capitol

From comparing weapon control legislation to the Holocaust to positioning for a Christmas card displaying a real gatling gun, Republican political leaders have a long history of stating and doing exceptionally silly things when it pertains to guns. That custom continued today when a Colorado state agent left a crammed weapon in the restroom of the capitol in Denver, i.e. his work environment.

Yes, state agent Don Wilson inadvertently left his crammed 9-mm Glock in the toilet of the statehouse on Tuesday; according to U.S.A. Today, constructing personnel discovered the ignored weapon at 9:30 p.m. and notified the Colorado State Patrol, “showing the gun was ignored for 23 minutes before being found by janitorial personnel,” CSP stated in a declaration. Wilson composed in a declaration published online: “I wish to be clear that I take complete and total responsibility for the event. I slipped up and am extremely sorry. I take gun security really seriously. This is a humbling experience and I will declare my dedication to accountable handling treatments.”

According to U.S.A. Today, Wilson got his weapon back after police concluded no criminal charges were pending following the occurrence. Not remarkably, Wilson’s Democratic associates kept in mind that this entire thing was among the lots of factors more stringent weapon control legislation is needed. “The effects of leaving a gun ignored in a public area might be extremely major,” state agent Julie McCluskie stated. “This must not have actually taken place and can not take place once again, and this is why our caucus is pursuing legislation to restrict bring guns in the Capitol.”

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