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Gaza refugees taking a trip home ‘reversed’

1 of 2|Displaced Palestinians go to an unique early morning prayer to begin the Eid al-Fitr celebration, marking completion of the holy month of Ramadan, at a school-turned-shelter in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, in the middle of the continuous dispute in between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza. Image by Ismael Mohamad/UPI|License Photo

April 14 (UPI)– Thousands of Palestinians, consisting of guys, ladies, kids, and senior individuals, apparently came under fire Sunday while going back to their homes in northern Gaza, a lot of them displaced because Hamas assaulted Israel on Oct. 7th, 2023, triggering the most recent chapter of the decades-long war.

“I am going home. I have actually been displaced for 6 months. We reside in a camping tent due to the fact that our home was struck,” a young kid called Omar Al-Dahdouh stated, while passing through the seaside roadway of Al Rasheed, bring a bag of flour on his shoulder, and holding his more youthful brother or sister’s hand, sobbing as he strolled.

“I am not scared. If I need to pass away, I will pass away, however I do not wish to live this any longer. I wish to go home, I’m worn out. My brother or sisters require to live,” he continued.

CNN video program households strolling with their personal belongings, some riding bikes, donkey carts and pick-up trucks, smiling and snapping pictures.

“I’m going to Gaza City. It’s enough. We require to return to our homes and lands. We are tired of displacement … we heard individuals stating we can return, however nobody authorities informed us. We’ll leave it to God,” Majd El-Aqqad stated.

This is the very first time war regfugees have actually started headingback to Gaza in sich great deals. A few of the tourists stated tney heard the Israeli armed force was permitting females and kids to return, and others stated their loved ones were enabled to cross over.

The Istaeli Defense Force stated the reports were incorrect.

“The northern Gaza Strip continues to be an active battle zone and go back to the location is not presently allowed,” IDF stated.

In the video shot for CNN, a senior female called Um Mohammad strolls along Al Rasheed bring a heavy bag on her head and 2 others in her arms, attempting to return home.

She sobbed and praed for God to secure them.

“I do not understand anything about my home. It’s our home and our land. The Israelis displaced us and embarrassed us,” she stated.

“We are tired here. We have actually been displaced for 191 days,” Malak Abu Nada, a female from Jabalya, informed CNN.

Much of individuals who tried to head north had actually been gone to Rafah, where Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has actually been threatening to release an offensive that the UN stated would cause a “humanitarian disaster.”

The Gaza Ministry of Health reported on Sunday that the toll in the Gaza Strip given that October 7 has actually increased to 33,729 dead and 76,371 individuals hurt.

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