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Gigantic volcano on Mars discovered concealed ‘in plain sight,’ and it might hold prospective indications of life

The recently found huge volcano lies near Mars’ equator. It is envisioned in the image above in relation to other volcanoes discovered within the Tharsis area of the world. (Image credit: Background image: NASA/USGS Mars world. Geologic analysis and annotations by Pascal Lee and Sourabh Shubham 2024)

Researchers have actually found a huge volcano on Mars that has actually been “concealed in plain sight” for more than 50 years.

The volcano is around 280 miles (450 kilometers) large and more than 29,600 feet (9,000 meters) high. It lies in the eastern part of Mars’ Tharsis volcanic province near the world’s equator, researchers exposed at the 55th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, kept in Texas in between March 11 and 15.

The group likewise found what seems the remains of a sheet of buried glacier ice near the base of the volcano. They think this might make the volcano a “prime place” for astrobiological research study and the look for indications of alien life.

“This combined huge volcano and possible glacier ice discovery is substantial, as it indicates an interesting brand-new place to study Mars’ geologic advancement through time, look for life, and check out with robotics and people in the future,” the researchers stated in a declaration.

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Spacecraft orbiting Mars have actually been unconsciously imaging the volcano since NASA’s Mariner 9 was sent out to the Red Planet in 1971. The volcano is so deeply deteriorated that it has actually slipped under the radar, till now.

“We were analyzing the geology of a location where we had actually discovered the remains of a glacier in 2015 when we recognized we were inside a substantial and deeply deteriorated volcano,” task leader Pascal Lee, a planetary researcher with the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute and the Mars Institute based at NASA Ames Research Center, stated in the declaration.

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A closer take a look at the website where the volcano was found on Mars. (Image credit: Background images: NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) Context Camera (CTX) mosaic and Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) digital elevation design. Geologic analysis & & annotations by Pascal Lee & & Sourabh Shubham 2024)

The volcano, which has yet to be formally called, lies in among Mars’ most renowned areas, at the border in between the maze-like Noctis Labyrinthus, indicating “maze of the night,” and the enormous canyons of Valles Marineris, or Mariner Valley. The volcano is thought to have actually been active from ancient times till reasonably just recently, offered its “enormous size” and “complicated adjustment history,” the group stated.

The volcano has a main top location marked by raised, flattened locations called mesas, which form an arc shape, sloping downwards. The slopes around the mesas spread out for 140 miles (225 km) in various instructions.

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