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How to wander in Fortnite Rocket Racing

Michelle Cornelia

❘ Published: 2023-12-25T09:25:10 ❘ Updated: 2023-12-25T09:25:17

Fortnite Rocket Racing pits you with others to race on various tracks. Discover how to wander in Fortnite Rocket Racing so you can protect the top place.

Rocket Racing completely mixes the experience of Fortnite and Rocket League with some amazing touches. In this video game mode, you take on others to wander, fly, and increase yourself to triumph. Similar to any racing video game, wandering plays a vital part as it’s one of the core mechanics that can provide you the edge on the race course, specifically when every 2nd counts.

If you’re looking to get that additional speed increase and nail your turns, here’s how to wander in Fortnite Rocket Racing.

Fortnite Rocket Racing Drift Guide

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Wandering in Fortnite Rocket Racing video game mode.

If you aren’t too familiar with racing video games, seeing your rivals perfectly cut corners while you have a hard time to make the best turn can feel a bit frustrating at.

Well, luckily, wandering isn’t something too made complex in this video game. There are 2 methods you can wander. The very first method to drift is by holding left or best before a turn.

If done properly, you’ll discover smoke coming out of your automobile and your Turbo charge begins filling, showing that your automobile has actually begun wandering. From here, you can change the drift according to how sharp you desire it to be from for how long you’re pushing the directional secret before driving back in a straight line.

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Handbook Drift in Fortnite Rocket Racing

Wandering by hand is likewise a strong choice in Fortnite Rocket Racing. Perhaps, this appears to be a simpler alternative if you have not totally remembered the tracks. It’s simple to get surprised with doglegs out of no place, which’s where manual wandering shines.

Rather of holding a secret before you see a turn, you’ll simply require to push a particular secret to begin wandering. Depending upon the platform you’re playing, this can be Shift on the keyboard, X on Xbox, Y for Nintendo, or the square on PlayStation.

While you’re wandering, do not forget to take notice of the purple and green bars. These are basically your increase meters, and the fuller they are, the much faster and longer the increase your cars and truck will get after wandering.

That’s all that you require to understand about wandering in Fortnite. It may take a while to completely master this, however with sufficient practice, you’ll have the ability to do it efficiently and outrace your opponents. While you’re here, have a look at our guides center for more guides and stories for Fortnite.

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