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Josh Peck Supports Drake Bell After ‘Quiet On Set’ Revelations

Drake Bell and Josh Peck throughout Nickelodeon’s 17th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards – Arrivals at Pauley … [+] Pavillion in Westwood, California, United States. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/WireImage)


The documentary series Peaceful on Set: The Dark Side of Kids Television functions a number of troubling discoveries from behind the scenes of a few of the most significant kids’s programs on Nickelodeon, such as Drake & & Josh The Amanda Show Zoey 101and iCarly

Nickelodeon showrunner Dan Schneider apparently preserved an environment swarming with abuse, sexism, bigotry and misbehavior including minor stars.

Zoomers and millennials who matured viewing these kids’s programs have actually given that revealed their shock online, with lots of analysts frightened by the accusations included in the documentary series.

Drake Bell & & Josh Peck

Much of the discussion focused around Drake & & Joshwhich starred Drake Bell and Josh Peck, who played the titular teenage stepbrothers. In the documentary series, Bell voices claims of kid sexual assault versus his previous discussion coach Brian Peck (no relation to Josh Peck).

In the middle of the psychological aftershock, Josh Peck got online reaction from previous fans of the program who were disturbed that he didn’t launch a public declaration in assistance of Bell.

The reaction heightened after Josh Peck published a TikTok including a popular audio clip that stated, “If I have not spoken with you considering that 2023, take that as a f ** cking indication that you do not exist to me any longer,” with some fans analyzing the clip as a coded message to Bell.

Josh Peck formerly discussed his relationship with Bell throughout a 2022 look on the podcast BFFs with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards and Brianna Chickenfryin which he exposed that the 2 had actually wandered apart:

Drake & & Josh is something I’ll be associated with permanently, and I’m happy of it. And I wish to like the guy that my name is connected to permanently, however sadly, it simply sort of exercised the manner in which it did.”

Progressively hostile remarks from fans triggered Bell to launch a TikTok asking for that fans “take it a little simple” on Josh Peck. In the video, Bell states:

“I’ve discovered a great deal of talk about a few of Josh’s TikToks and a few of his posts and I simply wish to let you guys understand that processing this and going through this is an actually psychological time and a great deal of it is extremely, really challenging.”

Bell exposed that Peck had actually connected to him in personal: “I simply desire you guys to understand that he has actually connected to me, and it’s been really delicate, however he has actually connected to talk with me and assist me overcome this and has actually been truly, truly terrific.”

2 days later on, Josh Peck required to social networks himself,

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