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KeeperRL, enthusiastic mix of Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper, strikes 1.0 after eleven years

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Back in 2014, KeeperRL had a handful of alpha releases and an effective IndieGogo financing project, and was because of be completed that year. The enthusiastic Dwarf Fortress-lite or Dungeon Keeper-heavy made its method through the player-voted Steam Greenlgiht procedure, at which point its designer chose, hello, why not work on this video game for longer.

10 years and a number of lots more updates later on, KeeperRL has actually simply struck 1.0.

KeeperRL is a “dungeon simulator with roguelike and RPG aspects”. Like its apparent motivation, you’re a wicked wizard, and like both its apparent motivations, you’re directing a growing troop of minions to dig broader and much deeper underground, lay traps, and wait for attack by your opponents. You can likewise venture beyond the boundaries of your own dungeon home to desolate innocents worldwide, or change functions and play a traveler attacking the dungeons of other gamers, with turn-based tactical fight.

All of which sounds swell to me. “Sounds” due to the fact that, although I’ve played simply a small touch of KeeperRL, that was a years back, and I remember it not.

Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress have a lot in typical, however are extremely various in other, essential methods. KeeperRL’s Steam page explains it as being “simulated on an extremely comprehensive level”, for instance, with granular wounding, fire that spreads out, and an abundant range of “products, spells, characteristics and unique attacks.” It lays no claim to mimicing the inner worlds of its minions, therefore I think your orcs and males will not be requiring to a fey state of mind and requiring products for excellent works of art. You most likely understand yourself whether that’s a frustration or a relief.

It’s rather a great time to be a Dungeon Keeper fan, provided an open source remake KeeperFx simply struck variation 1.0 after 15 years of advancement.

KeeperRL will continue to get balance spots and repairs post-release, in addition to a 1.1 upgrade to include “more content and gameplay that didn’t make it to the 1.0, consisting of another playable keeper faction”, according to its designer.

If you wish to purchase it now, it’s ₤ 11.61 /$15/EUR12.59.

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