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Pi computed to 105 trillion digits, smashing world record

Pi has an unlimited variety of non-repeating decimal locations. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

An information storage business has actually translated more than 100 trillion digits of pi– smashing the world record for computing the perpetual number. Unraveling this substantial piece of pi needed the comparable computing power of numerous countless mobile phones.

Pi– frequently shortened as 3.14– is an unreasonable number, indicating it has unlimited nonrepeating decimal locations. The worth of pi amounts to the area of a circle (the girth its edge) divided by its size (the range in between 2 straight opposite points). It suggests you can find out the area of any circle if you understand its size or radius (half the size) or vice versa due to the fact that we understand the worth of pi.

Deciphering the covert decimal locations of pi has no genuine influence on mathematics due to the fact that computations seldom need more than a couple of lots digits. NASA researchers just require to understand the very first 15 decimal locations of pi to comprehend many of the universe. Rather, computing the number to its most precise worth has actually long been utilized as a standard for evaluating brand-new computer system programs and information storage systems.

On Pi Day (March 14), Solidigm– a U.S. computer system storage business based in California– exposed in a declaration that it has actually computed pi to around 105 trillion decimal locations.

To put that into context, if you typed out this number on paper utilizing a 10-point typeface in one constant line, the number would be around 2.3 billion miles (3.7 billion kilometers) long, indicating it might extend from Earth to someplace in between Uranus and Neptune. And in case you were questioning, the 105 trillionth digit of pi is 6.

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NASA researchers require just the very first 16 digits of pi in the majority of their computations. (Image credit: NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle, Christine Daniloff, MIT)

The computation, which took around 75 days to finish, was performed with 36 of the business’s exclusive solid-state drives (SSDs)– a storage medium suited much of the most recent laptop computers– that saved completely around 1 petabyte (1 million gigabytes) of information.

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Processors are likewise required to carry out the number-crunching– with more effective elements lowering the time it requires to carry out the essential computations. Trusted and large-capacity storage is perhaps more crucial since you require to keep a huge quantity of information in such a procedure.

The accomplishment “was no little task,” Solidigm owner Brian Beeler stated in the declaration. “It included precise preparation, optimization, and execution.”

In April 2023, Solidigm matched the record of 100 trillion digits of pi, which was computed by Google Cloud in 2022.

Before that, the record was 62.8 trillion digits, which were determined over 108 days by a supercomputer at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons in Switzerland in 2021.

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