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‘Ridiculous’: Helldivers 2 gamers are over getting prepared by fire

Helldivers 2 gamers who have actually changed to the western front today to handle the Automaton uprising are getting ill and fed up with handling their character’s significant weak point, fire– which the bots are more than efficient in dispensing throughout the system.

Gamers gathered to support one Diver who triggered conversation on the video game’s subreddit on April 13, calling the continuous barrage of fire twisters and burning to death “absurd,” requiring Arrowhead devs make a repair. “It’s simply ridiculous and not enjoyable,” the gamer stated.

Enjoy the fire as it is extremely powerful. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Weather are a consider Helldivers 2with occasions like blizzards, tremblings, and more triggering havoc in the middle of a Helldive and increasing the trouble of the encounter. One such occasion is the “Fire Tornado” barrage, which is as scary as it sounds. Spirals of flame touch down and spin off, going after bugs, bots, and Divers alike and leaving burning tracks behind. It’s this fire that gamers have actually had enough of.

One gamer stated they dived into the Suicide problem for the very first time, however regardless of picking the heaviest possible armor, they lasted simple seconds when the fire took hold. “The most dumb thing is that fire simply lay on the ground for [a] freaking century,” they included. Fire is a lot more bothersome as it likewise limits motion, implying you can’t quickly outrun a bot drop or a hive generate.

Others do not like the speed at which the fire takes hold. While you can extinguish yourself by diving, if you are reluctant for one 2nd too long, you’ll be fried alive and will require to redeploy. A gamer revealed a clip where they were illuminated by a Hulk: “You pass away from complete health in under 150ms,” they stated, including they’ll be submitting a bug report despite the fact that it seems deliberate. Letting a Hulk get close enough to utilize the weapon is a little bit of a mistake however yeah, instantaneous death definitely isn’t enjoyable.

One such service Arrowhead might think about is an armor set created around handling fire, possibly decreasing and even negating the fire damage completely. I do not mind handling the flames as it offers an included difficulty, and needs to such armor be included, it ought to include some disadvantages as it would almost negate the impacts of some opponent systems and planetary weather condition.

In the meantime, preparation that dive button and prevent the fire as much as possible when playing Helldivers 2 next time.

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