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Sherrod Brown Touts Fentanyl Border Stance Despite Years of Opposing Border Security

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Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), who is up for reelection this November, launched an advertisement that promotes his efforts to punish fentanyl trafficking throughout the southern border, yet the senator has a comprehensive history of opposing border security.

“It’s Sherrod Brown who sponsored the laws signed by President Trump to punish controlled substances being smuggled throughout the border,” the advertisement states.

While those in the Buckeye State might value Brown’s efforts to fight fentanyl smuggling, Brown has actually consistently opposed efforts to protect the border and typically assaulted Trump’s policies that would fight unlawful migration.

As just recently as last Friday, Brown enacted lockstep with Senate Democrats to obstruct Republican border changes to the “minibus” costs expense. This consists of:

  • The Laken Riley Act which would need the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to jail unlawful aliens who devote theft, theft, larcency, or shoplifting offenses and mandate they are apprehended till they are eliminated from the nation
  • A change to disallow using the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) One app to help with parole for migrants
  • A modification to bar funds from going to any jurisdiction that declines to adhere to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • A change, according to Sen. Steve Daines’s (R-MT) workplace, that would need “ICE to apprehend all Special Interest Aliens (SIAs) till their claim is adjudicated or they are deported, so that the SIAs are not launched at big into our neighborhoods to continue their malign activities. A Special Interest Alien is an alien who, based upon analysis of travel patterns and other details, is discovered to have a nexus to terrorism, espionage, or other malign stars.”
  • The CLEAR Act would declare the right of state and regional police to collar, apprehend, or transfer unlawful aliens to federal custody. It would likewise permit federal funds to be designated to states to balance out the expense of detention for prohibited aliens and set up a host of brand-new requirements on DHS, such as building or obtaining extra detention area, and taking aliens into custody within 48 hours of a demand from a state or area.
  • The POLICE Act would make “attacking a police officer, firemen or very first responder a deportable offense for unlawful immigrants. Transport of prohibited aliens by air. Restrict taxpayer funds from being utilized to covertly fly unlawful aliens from other countries straight into states throughout the nation for resettlement.”

Brown has actually for years opposed Trump’s migration policies.

In 2020, Brown signed a Democrat letter condemning Trump’s usage of Title 42, a step to limit asylum hunters,

“As an outcome, transgender individuals running away death dangers in Central America, ethnic minorities leaving dispute in Cameroon, households getting away political persecution in Venezuela, and myriad other susceptible individuals have actually been required to stay in risky environments where their lives are at threat. As legislators,

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