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The Gambia might enable female genital mutilation once again, another indication of a worldwide pattern wearing down females’s rights

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by Satang Nabaneh, The Conversation

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The Gambia’s restriction on female genital mutilation (FGM) considering that 2015 is under danger. Proposed modifications before parliament might allow medicalized female genital cutting and permit it for consenting grownups.

This possible turnaround has actually thrust the nation into the worldwide spotlight as the most recent example of the reaction versus gender equality.

The Gambia’s criminalization of FGM was not the very first in west Africa however it came as a surprise. The president at the time, Yahya Jammeh, stated the widespread cultural custom a non-religious practice that triggered damage. There was some dissent within the nation however human rights groups invited the restriction.

Jammeh, who was president from 1994 to 2016, likewise managed the passage of other progressive gender-related laws. The Domestic Violence Act 2013 offered a structure for combating domestic violence in all its kinds (physical, sexual, psychological, financial) and security in specific for ladies and kids. The Sexual Offenses Act 2013 broadened the meaning of rape, widened the scenarios in which people might be charged, and lowered the concern of evidence in prosecutions.

Jammeh likewise banned kid marital relationships in 2016. This was substantial in nation where 1 in 5 youths aged 15– 19 (19%) are wed.

In among the world’s most aid-dependent nations, these reforms were all main to global donor interests. And they assisted to enhance the nation’s democratic track record. At the exact same time, they made it simple for the autocratic leader to get away with other excesses. He likewise activated faith to control beliefs and beliefs, especially impacting ladies and ladies. Jammeh mandated that female federal government employees use veils or headscarves when he stated his Muslim bulk nation an Islamic state in 2016.

President Adama Barrow, Jammeh’s follower, has actually stressed spiritual tolerance and has actually avoided utilizing spiritual importance. Unlike the state-sponsored homophobia under the Jammeh routine, Barrow has actually minimized homosexuality as a “non-issue.”

I am a legal scholar and human rights specialist with released research study on female genital mutilation, gender equality and ladies’s rights and governance in The Gambia. It’s my view that Jammeh’s apparent compliance with gender equality standards was selective and meant for the worldwide gallery instead of a real dedication to females’s rights and democracy.

His tactical position highlighted a more comprehensive pattern. Autocratic African leaders frequently accommodate international gender standards to preserve domestic power characteristics. The outcome, for instance, is increased females’s political involvement through quotas in addition to a conservative technique to sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The Gambia experience likewise reveals that western donors and multilateral organizations require to exceed simply promoting reforms.

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