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Unicorn Overlord Nina: How to Recruit and Best Loadouts

Let’s have a look at how you can open Nina in Unicorn Overlord together with her finest construct and capabilities loadout.

In Atlus x Vannilaware’s current Tactical RPG, Unicorn Overlord, you play the function of the banished prince Alain and collect an army versus the wicked Zonoiran empire. Your task– totally free the continent of Fervith from their high-handed guideline.

On your journey through the 5 countries, you’ll satisfy numerous vibrant characters, a few of them will offer you side missions and some you can even hire to join your army. Nina is among these characters that will ultimately join your lineup of heroes, however unlike the majority of, she is among the missable ones.

That implies if you do not make the ideal option at specific points, you’ll lose out on the opportunity to hire her. For a completionist, that can’t feel excellent.

Do not stress; we’ve got you covered!

In this short article, we’ll offer you a total rundown of the character, her finest builds, and how you can open her completely for your army. Let’s get begun.

How to Recruit Nina in Unicorn Overlord
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To hire Nina, you require to finish a side mission called Uprooting the Rock Rats. You’ll get this mission in La Criselle Town, situated in Cornia.

Talk with Millie when you start the mission, and she will ask you to join your army briefly. She is wanting to have a word with her sis, Nina. Continue through the mission as you typically would and break down the barriers near the Tiche Donne Town with Millie’s system.

Millie and Nina will reunite after this, and after a brief discussion, another fight will begin. After beating Nina, there will be another brief discussion in between the 2 siblings.

After the battle versus the Rock Rats outlaw, they will run away. After this, Nina will speak with you and use to sign up with the Liberation Army. Select the choice Accept the Offer to hire her completely.

Keep in mind, to hire Nina, it’s essential that you beat her with Millie’s system. Beating her with any other system will lock you out of acquiring this character.

Nina– Character Overview

Nina is a Warrior Class system in Unicorn Overlord. Her collection consists of a selection of armor-reduction capabilities, that makes her super-effective versus Fighters and Hoplites. Her Leader Effect, Barrier Breaker, enables you to break gates and barriers more quickly.

She is among the couple of characters that you can Romance with. To Romance Nina, you require to designate her to protect a town and offer her presents. Starting Rapport Conversations will increase her love towards your primary character.

Her Growth Types are Keen and All-Rounder. Here are her base statistics:

  • AP: 1
  • PP: 1
  • HP: C
  • Phys. ATK: S
  • Phys. DEF: B
  • Mag.

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