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Upgraded! 8 Amazing Art Shows to Check Out This April in Foshan

Tales of the South

‘Tales of the South’ explores the elaborate and ever-evolving historic roots and modern truths of the southern area, supporting creative types that defy basic meanings. When talking about region or local identity, we undoubtedly face the clichés of identity and local design. Dispersal ends up being a service, an inescapable result.

This exhibit checks out the effect of contextual modifications, institutional reforms, shifts in media, and institutional variations on southern art. We will backtrack the advancement of southern art over the previous 150 years, concentrating on the blurred, questionable, and confrontational elements of southern art, providing audiences with a vibrant panorama of southern art in the middle of continuous variations.

Up until April 7, 2024

He Art Museum, No. 6 Yixing Road, Shunde

Near Midea Station, GuangFo Metro Line

Progenitorial Hysteresis

This is Li Jiabao’s very first solo exhibit in China, adequately providing twelve sets of works based upon her enthusiastic fascination and mindful criticism of technology/science as an artist, designer, and innovation scientist. At the very same time, the exhibit is likewise established as a lab website for her and her group (numerous tasks include her teaming up with various researchers, engineers, and expert system engineers).

Till April 13, 2024

Duende Art Museum, No. 105, Building 1, Happy Coast, The OCT Harbor Plus, Shunde

Near Exit D, Shunde OCT Harbour Plus Station, Foshan Metro Line 3

Long Lasting Life: Xuelna Flower and Bird Painting Exhibition

Let’s enter Mr. Xue’s fall! In the October Taihang Mountains, the hibiscus flowers flower intoxicatingly; the mountains are decorated with red leaves, persimmons, pomegranates, and lively birds singing, while strong roosters wander the yard, and golden corn holds on the mountain walls of the farmhouse. We can practically hear the crickets and unnamed pests singing. These are natural scenes teeming with the artist’s favorable outlook on life and art, filled with the delight of workers’ harvests. He mixes the psychological resonance of an artist into the symphony of the times.

Till April 28, 2024

TX Gallery, 603-607, 6th Floor, Building 11, Guangfo Shangcheng, No. 7 Shugang Road, Guicheng Street, Nanhai

Impression Monet

This exhibit will display Monet’s resolve museum-level reproductions, provided with brand-new media innovations and scenographic styles. It intends to develop an immersive creative experience that incorporates physical exhibitions, music, and visuals, mixing narrative with interactivity. Divided into 7 exhibit locations, it looks for to check out the light and shadow artistry in Monet’s works.

Up until May 19, 2024

Look Art Museum, Shop 2, Xietian Lane, Lingnan Tiandi, Chancheng

Near Zumiao Station, GuangFo Metro


Go Yayanagii and Tetsuo Mizu, artists in their nineties and eighties respectively,

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