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View PCWorld construct a boba tea-cooled video gaming rig

Image: Adam Patrick Murray/Foundry

What’s more scrumptious than a velvety, milky cup of boba tea with the straw poking through the foil top? A velvety, milky cup of boba tea that likewise keeps your CPU temperatures down. Adam Patrick Murray and manufacturer Willis Lai are taken part the studio by unique visitor Peachie Tech for a complete desktop PC develop. And the construct is quite unique too since it’s Patrick’s extremely first custom-made loop liquid-cooled PC … total with boba tea going through the loop. Or a minimum of a simulacrum that makes the reservoir tank appearance truly cool.

The complete video lands in at almost 6 hoursso eliminate your schedule if you wish to view the entire thing. When it comes to the all-white parts, we’re opting for an Intel Core i7 14700K, Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Pro X motherboard, Asus TUF GeForce RTX 4070 Ti graphics card, a Solidigm P44 Pro 2TB SSD for storage, a massive 48GB of Corsair Dominator Titanium DDR5 7200MT/s RAM, and an MSI MAG A1000G PCIe 5 power supply, all packed into an all-white Lian Li 011 case.

All of that is quite basic. The star of the program us a collection of custom-made Corsair iCue parts for the custom-made loop, consisting of an XD5 RGB Elite tank and pump, 360mm radiator, and a lot of other parts, rounded off with some Lian Li reversed-blade RGB UNI fans. This is likewise the very first time we’ve had the ability to utilize the all-on-one-cable iCue Link system, so that’ll be enjoyable to have a look at.

Oh, and naturally we can’t forget the most vital specifications: the team is consuming tea from Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea in San Francisco. Adam is consuming brown sugar boba, Peachie has fresh taro, and Willis has mango pomelo sago. The boba in the PC’s coolant tank, if you’re questioning, is made from scrumptious plastic. For more live builds, make sure to register for PCWorld on YouTube.

Author: Michael Crider, Staff Writer

Michael is a previous graphic designer who’s been constructing and tweaking home computer for longer than he cares to confess. His interests consist of folk music, football, sci-fi, and salsa verde, in no specific order.

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