Sunday, June 16

View: Police capture loose turkey in England roadway

Odd News // 3 hours ago

Five-legged lamb gets brand-new home with Mississippi lady

March 28 (UPI)– A Mississippi lady with various rescue animals invited an uncommon brand-new addition to her home: a five-legged lamb.

Odd News // 4 hours ago

Treat search leads Maryland lady to lottery game reward

March 28 (UPI)– A Maryland female stated the useless look for a particular treat caused her winning an almost $30,000 lotto prize.

Odd News // 7 hours ago

Chinese guy spits up stream of water for almost 6 minutes

March 28 (UPI)– A Chinese male consumed 1.1 gallons of water and brought it back up to work as a human water fountain for a record-breaking 5 minutes and 51.88 seconds.

Odd News // 7 hours ago

Notorious wood slab from ‘Titanic’ cost over $700,000

March 28 (UPI)– A purchaser paid out $718,750 for among the most questionable wood slabs in cinematic history: the door frame panel that conserved Rose’s life in the 1997 movie “Titanic.”

Odd News // 8 hours ago

Caught horse raised from swimming pool in Georgia

March 28 (UPI)– Firefighters and animal control officers in Florida utilized ropes to raise a horse that fell under an old pool and was not able to climb up back out.

Odd News // 1 day ago

Saved ‘infant hedgehog’ ends up being a pom from a hat

March 27 (UPI)– A Cheshire, England, lady saved what she thought to be a deserted infant hedgehog and took it to a regional animal health center, where vets informed her she had really saved the pom from a beanie hat.

Odd News // 1 day ago

9 raccoons on the loose from Netherlands zoo

March 27 (UPI)– A Netherlands zoo is on the hunt for garbage pandas after 11 raccoons left from their brand-new enclosure at the center.

Odd News // 1 day ago

366 tickets win rewards in lottery game illustration with the numbers 9-9-9-9

March 27 (UPI)– Lottery authorities in Washington, D.C., stated an illustration had about 366 winners when the numbers 9-9-9-9 were chosen.

Odd News // 1 day ago

Golf course gator called King Arthur loses his crown

March 27 (UPI)– A South Carolina golf course alligator called King Arthur has actually lost his crown after wildlife rescuers ended up being worried the tomato cage might put his life at threat.

Odd News // 1 day ago

Canine digging in Florida lawn discovers decades-old military bomb

March 27 (UPI)– A pet dog digging in her owner’s Florida lawn discovered something much more unexpected– and unsafe– than a bone: a decades-old military bomb.

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