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AFK Journey Tier List– The Best Team You Can Have

This AFK Jourey tier list will reveal the very best groups you can have and think us, they are excellent. Here is whatever you require to understand.

AFK Journey is among those video games that you can have lots of enjoyable playing. In order to be efficient, you need to understand what you are doing. This indicates you need to have the best combination.

Whether you choose to make an AFK Journey reroll or utilize your provided setup, this AFK Journey tier list will reveal you a few of the very best groups today. Let’s start.

AFK Journey Tier List– Best Teams

When it boils down to the very best groups you can get in AFK Journey, it is very important to bear in mind that there are lots of various mixes. The video game is reasonably popular, so individuals create all sorts of concepts, however here are a few of the choices that stand apart in the meantime.

Our experience up until now reveals that a person of the very best groups you can have up until now consists of one tank, one assistance, 2 DPS heroes, and one situational choice. The latter can be changed with whatever you require, such as another assistance or a tank. Some individuals can even get a 3rd DPS, however we do not believe it deserves it since you will not get that much out of it.
When you have actually put together the setup discussed previously, you ought to have the ability to conquer basically all the difficulties ahead of you. Obviously, you can constantly check brand-new combinations, however it is essential to have at least one tank. You require to have all positions to be reliable since we have actually attempted focusing on one function over another, and it’s never ever a great concept.

AFK Journey Best Teams Tier List– S-Tier

For the S-tier in this AFK Journey finest group tier list, we wish to consist of the following choices:

  • DMG– Vala and Cecia
  • Assistance– Rowan
  • Flex– Lucius
  • Tank– Thoran

We have actually attempted utilizing this setup numerous times, and the outcomes were constantly excellent. Thoran is an exceptional tank that can fit well into many matches, whereas Lucious can assist him when required. The latter is referred to as an “off-tank”, which implies he can likewise soak some damage.

Vela and Cecia are the primary DPS in this setup, so they require to do as much damage as possible. When it comes to Rowan, he is the assistance, so he has a recover, and he can likewise protect allies.

AFK Journey Best Team Tier List– A-Tier

The A-Tier combination we wish to speak about has some resemblances to the very first one since we likewise have Thoran on the list. The other heroes consist of:

  • DMG– Cecia
  • Assistance– Koko
  • Tank– Thoran
  • Flex– Viperion or Atandra

Cecia needs to be around the very best DPS in AFK Journey today,

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