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Elon Says FSD V12.4 Is Way Better than Very Good FSD V12.3

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Elon Musk states Tesla FSD V12.4 is another huge dive in abilities and the training calculate constraints are nearly gone.

AI specialist James Douma had actually stated that with extra training and information, he anticipated FSD V12.X to reach 0.1-1% of the interventions for Tesla FSD v11.X.

If the level of enhancement anticipated by James Douma were attained then 1% intervention levels would be reached with 3 actions of 20% less each time.

100 interventions, 20 interventions, 4 interventions, 0.8 interventions.

If the rate of FSD training made it possible for 1 complete release or enhancement of an existing release each month, then 100X much better than FSD v11.X would occur in May-June 2024.

IF the Nvidia H100 chip sales for 2023 is appropriate, then Tesla had 15,000 Nvidia H100s in 2023. These ought to be set up and running by now. This implies that Tesla has at least 65 Exaflops of calculate for training.

Tesla had actually targeted 100 exaflops of training calculate by October, 2024. If Tesla purchased 10,000 Nvidia H100s in 2024 then Tesla will have more than 100 Exaflops of training calculate set up by May 2024.

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