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Here’s a demonstration for POOLS, a Backrooms video game with great deals of charming waterslides

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Image credit: Tensori

I have a guideline: no greater than one post about a scary video game each day. The mind can just endure so much. Swimming pools isn’t actually a scary video game. It’s simply a strolling simulator in which you check out a lot of underground pool. Real, their size and design defy description – what is this, a pool for Slender Men? – however look, there are adorable covered slides you can ride down in first-person. You understand, like the ones you utilized to delight in as a kid. Constantly that aspect of stress and anxiety though about getting stuck midway down, am I?

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And after that there’s the anxiousness you get when you’re swimming alone, maybe since it’s nearly closing time and they’re denying the lights, and the water produces disturbing sound impacts – splashes enhanced by particular plans of white tiles, that might be something leaving the swimming pool, or entering it. There are minutes like that in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and there are minutes like that in POOLS, which has a demonstration.

“One might state POOLS resembles an art gallery where you take a look around and listen to the noises,” checks out the Steam page. “There are extremely couple of things to resolve, virtually a couple of labyrinths. In some cases the video game can challenge your navigation abilities. Mainly you’re simply … there.” ‘There’ being among those liminal mazes cherished of the Backrooms genre/meme – according to POOLS designers Tensori, there’s a “Poolrooms” subgenre, too. I did not understand this. I question the number of other flavours of backroom there are. Maybe a bookshop-themed one next?

Swimming pools is gotten into 6 chapters, each lasting 10 to 30 minutes. “There’s no normal story, no characters to satisfy, and you will not discover any notes in video game,” the Steam blurb includes. “But as you check out and advance even more, you begin to see that the video game’s world modifications around you. Spaces look various. Each chapter has something distinct. Continuously you’re checking out brand-new locations, each with its own type of secret.”

On the lighter side, there’s at least one swimming pool filled with inflatable doughnut drifts. I utilized to like those as a kid, though I did when get captured under one and truly believed I was going to drown. Anyhow! If you’re interested in the Backrooms principle, there’s a lot more to it – this Wired piece is a great location to begin. The complete variation of POOLS releases on 26th April.

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