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Kinds of Lube: How to Choose and Use the very best One for You

Lube makes all sort of sex much better, and as a guideline, individuals need to be utilizing method more of it. Beyond its capability to increase satisfaction, lube can likewise make sex more secure (and take prospective stress and anxiety about being “damp adequate” off of those with vaginal areas– however even if you’re matching Niagara Falls down there, you need to still put a minimum of one sort of lube happily on your night table). If you’re a beginner, or questioning how to make things even wetter and much better: Let me inform you everything about how to utilize it and why it’s incredible … and you may simply discover how to clean up silicone lube off your wood flooring while doing so.

What kinds of lube exist?

There’s a lube for each event. Signey Olson, DNP, NP, CNM, an assistant teacher at Georgetown University’s School of Nursing and nurse specialist concentrating on reproductive health and fertility, informs SELF, “I constantly joke that you can state your medical company informed you must utilize lube each time.” Offered the sea of lube out there, how do you understand which kinds you might select? Let’s simplify.


This kind of lube is, well, watery. According to Dr. Olson, water-based lube is the “least most likely to aggravate genital tissue,” due to the fact that they generally have less active ingredients than other kinds of lube. That likewise implies they’re absolutely your finest choice if you or your partner have delicate skin or are vulnerable to yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, or UTIs– however you can examine the label to make certain what you’re dealing with is fragrance-free and does not consist of anything else you understand you’re delicate to.

Dr. Olson likewise explains that water-based lube is the “simplest to tidy”– both off of yourself and out of your sheets– which works, since it’s soaked up by your skin faster, so you may require to reapply a great deal of it throughout whatever attractive thing it is you’re doing.

Among water-based lube’s greatest benefits: It’s safe with all kinds of sex toys and barrier approaches like prophylactics (latex or otherwise). Okay, adaptability!


Domino effects ahead! Silicone-based lube is longer-lasting than water-based kinds, so it’s excellent for sex that lasts a very long time, given that you’re less most likely to require to reapply as typically. Dr. Olson particularly advises silicone lube for “sex in the shower, as it does not clean away as quickly.” (Just be actually mindful not to slip.)

There are some prospective cons, though: Silicone-based lubes may stain your sheets, so set out a sex towel. You should not utilize silicone lube with silicone sex toys, as it can trigger them to deteriorate, however it’s safe to utilize with metal or glass. And, like I stated, it’s slippery AF, so if it gets on the flooring, attempt to clean it up instantly utilizing a washcloth and a paste-like mix of baking soda and water. (Ask me how I understand.)


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