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What is brand-new in November on Toornament?

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See what are the significant updates on Toornament this month: a brand-new competition structure format, a Valorant case research study and an API guide to construct brackets …

New custom-made bracket structure

Toornament has actually released the brand-new “Custom Bracket” structure to offer organizers much more liberty in producing their preferred competition format. The customized bracket structure is readily available in beta and works for all your battle (1 vs 1 or group vs group) competitions. It enables you to by hand develop brackets with customized individual development, which would not be possible with the lots of other formats offered on Toornament.

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Discover a brand-new Valorant competition case research study

The Swedish business Stryda introduced in October the Valorant Nordic Clash, a VCT Off-Season main occasion with an amazing $20,000 reward swimming pool.

Stryda utilized both the Toornament management software application and the site home builder to arrange the playoff phase of the Valorant competitors and show the outcomes online.

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API guides area released

This month, we have actually introduced a brand-new “Guides” area in our API designer website. The function of this area is to supply tutorials to utilize the API on your esports task.

The very first guide discusses how to show a bracket on an HTML page utilizing the Toornament API and the bracket nodes’ endpoint. After reading it, the screen of a removal bracket will no longer hold any tricks for you and you will have the ability to completely incorporate them into your site or your application.

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The November shadow work

The advancement of Toornament is continuous work and frequently performed in the shadows of the huge statements offered on this blog site. The topics are extremely diverse, varying from optimization of the tool, bug correction or visual enhancements to the user interfaces for much better handling.

Discover listed below a non-exhaustive list of other enhancements and corrections made this month:

  • correction of a breakdown in using the competition codes in League of Legends
  • brand-new disciplines included: EA UFC 5, Heat and Run, Warcraft Rumble and COD: MW III
  • rework of the task control panel and strategy membership user interface
  • different small bugs in the gamer and organizer user interface

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