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Solar Eclipse Resources

Visitors at Saturday “SUN” Day browse solar eclipse glasses.

Credits: Kent Blackwell, Back Bay Amateur Astronomers

From the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Prepare for the Moon to pass in front of the Sun, casting its shadow throughout all of North America. A magnificent overall eclipse will sweep throughout North America on April 8, 2024!

The Night Sky Network and Astronomical Society of the Pacific are developing and curating info for amateur astronomers and other casual teachers. See a few of our Night Sky Network and neighborhood eclipse resources here:

  • The majority of the United States will be beautified with a partial eclipse. This is a fantastic factor to get your neighborhood together. Strategy your occasion with this basic Partial Eclipse Party Planner.
  • Getting ready for an Eclipse Public Presentation from our partners at NISE about seeing the eclipses, including what to anticipate if you are not on the main courses – modify to make it your own!
  • The 2024 NASA Eclipse Resources consist of a Safe Solar Viewing Guide, Posters, and more!
  • Andrew Fraknoi and a group of astronomy teachers have actually developed a collection of eclipse resources in preparation for the upcoming solar eclipses, consisting of 32 instructional activities.
  • Discover lists of safe solar audiences and filters from our partners at the American Astronomical Society.
  • Enjoy this activity Eclipses Around the World to respectfully share methods of understanding eclipses from lots of cultures
  • This video welcomes everybody to take part in this unbelievable chance. Find out about the eclipse in Spanish, Urdu, Mandarin, Arabic, and more at EclipseAmbassadorsYouTube

See the activities and resources listed below for more terrific eclipse concepts!

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