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The ‘Bachelor’ Finale Had a Historic, Shocking Twist

(Warning: This post consists of spoilers for The Bachelor‘s Season 28 ending.)

I’ll cut best to the chase: When I saw Kelsey “A” Anderson and Daisy Kent riding in the van together to fulfill Joey Graziadei for beachside proposition time, I blurt the very first audible scream The Bachelor has actually wrung out of me in years.

Throughout this season, our host Jesse Palmer has actually offered us the typical pledges: This is an extraordinary ending, the most significant ending of any Bachelor season ever!!!

We heard plenty more such pledges about the “most heart-wrenching ending ever” on Monday night, when ABC lastly aired “the most-anticipated live ending in Bachelor history.” Call me negative, however after lots of, several years of fake-outs, I just did not think it. Daisy went rogue and knocked on Kelsey’s door, setting off a chain of occasions that would leave me blubbering on my sofa, shrieking incomprehensible exclamations of enjoyment to my baffled sweetheart and pets and desperately texting my Bachelor pal. Now more than ever, I simply seem like, ladies !!!

We kicked things off with Joey journaling in the sun near a window, and things just got more nostalgic (and thoroughly produced) from there. Daisy and Kelsey satisfied his household– his mom Cathy, his daddy Nick, his sis Carly and Ellie, and his brother-in-law Zach– and naturally, everybody got along splendidly. Carly and Ellie kept in mind that Kelsey appeared a little bit more reluctant than Daisy when asked if she was prepared to wed Joey, however skilled audiences understand much better than to stress based upon something that little. Daisy, on the other hand, had actually currently started to understand that she was not Joey’s last choice.

You can’t constantly inform who will win The Bachelor based upon last dates, however I will state this: Producers did Daisy no prefers with her and Joey’s last getaway. While Kelsey got a chill day spa day at the resort with Joey, a massage table, and some sheet masks, Daisy got a cleaning event where they beinged in a sweat lodge and hardly got to speak. In any other context, this would be an extremely cool date, however here, Daisy plainly felt tortured by all the important things she wished to state. When she made a dream that she and Joey would keep growing together and he longed for them both to discover joy, whether with each other or not, the writing was basically on the wall.

“I seem like something’s a little off,” Daisy informed manufacturers. “He’s not discussing that possible future with us, and I seem like he’s being determined and mindful, truthfully.”

We’ve seen stress and anxiety like this before. What we have actually not seen, nevertheless, is a reaction like Daisy’s.


Instead of sulk on her own, or leave the program early, or release a last-minute plea to Joey,

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