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UFC Fight Night 240: Quick Picks and Prognostications

Mixed martial arts Junkie expert Dan Tom breaks down the UFC’s leading bouts. Today, we take a look at the primary card for UFC Fight Night 240.

UFC Fight Night 240 (ESPN+) occurs Saturday at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

Last occasion’s outcomes: 1-5

General choices for UFC primary cards in 2024: 22-25-2

Invite to MMA Junkie’s Quick Picks and Prognostications, where I’ll be providing short, fight-day breakdowns for UFC primary cards.

With that in mind, I hope these articles do not come off as curt or dismissive, as my objective here is to provide fast choices and analysis in an absorbable format. All chances noted are offered by FanDuel.

If you ‘d like more in-depth analysis from me, then do not hesitate to have a look at my weekly program, The Protect Ya’ Neck Podcast.

Without additional ado …

Trevor Peek (+184) vs. Charlie Campbell (-184)

Starting the primary card is an appropriate light-weight action battle in between Trevor Peek and Charlie Campbell.

Campbell is plainly the more knowledgeable fighter, it’s difficult to disregard the intangibles that Peek brings to the table.

I would not be surprised to see Campbell retreat down the stretch, however I think that the smaller sized octagon will provide a minor edge to Peek, provided the turmoil it motivates.

Include the variation in the sturdiness department, and I’ll take an unwilling flier on Peek to win by knockout in Round 2.

Lukasz Brzeski (+210) vs. Valter Walker (-265)

Death, taxes, and the UFC matchmakers force-feeding us low-level heavyweights on Fight Night cards.

Today, they’re providing a face-off in between huge kids, Lukasz Brzeski and Valter Walker.

Regardless of Brzeski being the cleaner striker on the feet, I think that the little cage will prefer the fumbling perceptiveness of Walker.

An underdog win would not amaze me in the tiniest, however I’ll semi-reluctantly agree Walker to get a careless choice win on the scorecards.

Ignacio Bahamondes (-340) vs. Christos Giagos (+260)

Submitting the primary card is another enjoyable match at light-weight in between Ignacio Bahamondes and Christos Giagos.

Although Giagos has all the tools to provide Bahamondes hell early, the Kill Cliff FC fighter has a regrettable history of striking a wall when required to eliminate past the 7-minute mark.

Bahamondes might have some holes that he still requires to support in the fumbling world, however the Chilean fighter has a misleading submission video game and typically battles well in the smaller sized octagon (presently standing 3-1 in the UFC Apex).

I’ll select Bahamondes to make it through the early storm and score a club-and-sub win in Round 3.

Chepe Mariscal (+100) vs. Morgan Charriere (-120)

Functioning as a strong offering at featherweight is a match in between Chepe Mariscal and Morgan Charriere.

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